On Creativity

I like to ponder creativity. Have you ever wondered what it is? Why is it that some people are extremely creative and others aren’t? I was reading a list on Fast Company of the 100 most creative people in business. (List like that are usually just a load of bullcrap, and there list is certainly no exception.


Lists like that are intended to make you marvel at what others consider to be creative behavior.

Here is my take, you can only be creative if you understand and believe in FREEDOM.
Creativity and innovation both require you to have the courage of your convictions and ideas.
Most people do not allow themselves to live in a free world. They are condemned by the good opinion of others. My greatest ideas have come from my failures. My failures resulted from me being free enough to pursue what I considered to be a better way of doing things.

If you really want to get a Phd in Creativity develop the courage to fail at something you are passionate about.

Nuff said.

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